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Annual Summary for 2015





January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

Statistically a fairly normal January, temperatures normal and rainfall slightly higher than normal at 78mm. However while it was milder 4th, 8th-13th, it became much colder 16th-22nd and 29th-31st . Notably the high maximum temperature 14.2C on the 9th equals the highest recorded here in 2003. 
Snow fell on 6 days, 13th, 18th, 20th and 28th,29th, 30th, although never settled seriously, the greatest depth recorded at obs hour being 1.5cm on 14th.
There were several windy spells, 7th-16th and 28th-31st, very gusty at times.
While many days saw some bright sunshine at some time, it remained very dull all day on 3rd, 7th, 12th and 21st. No fogs were recorded.

7.0 mean max (C) 
1.3 mean min (C) 
4.1 mean (C)  0.0 diff from av (C)
14.2 high max (C) on 9
2.3 low max (C) on 29 
8.8 high min (C) on 10 
-3.7 low min (C) on 19

78.1 rain total (mm)
118 % of av 
21 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
14 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
7 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
20 days ground frost 
11 days air frost 4-5, 14-15, 17-21, 23-24

52 cloud cover percent
91 mean RH 

A fairly typical February statistically, with a cool drier start, and mild wetter finish. Some good sunny days, although remaining dull 10th until 16th. Only one day, 23rd, saw snow, but only transient flurries and not settling. Only one day, 8th, with fog.

6.6 mean max (C) 
1.0 mean min (C) 
3.8 mean (C)  -0.4 diff from av (C)
11.6 high max (C) on 25
2.3 low max (C) on 2 
5.8 high min (C) on 26 
-3.5 low min (C) on 2

45.3 rain total (mm) 97 % of av 
14 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
9 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
3 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
20 days ground frost 
9 days air frost 2-8,17, 22

63 cloud cover percent
92 mean RH  


Seasonal Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

HiMax 14.2 (12th = highest in 60yrs)
MeanMax 7.1, (Normal 6.8)
LoMax 2.3
MEAN 4.3,  (Normal 4.0 ) anomaly +0.3
HiMin 10.3, 
MeanMin 1.5  (Normal 1.2 )
LoMin 3.7

RAINFALL 186.6mm 
(Normal 195.8mm ) 95.3%

Cloud 4.4 /8 (Normal 5.7 )

Normal March mean temperature and rainfall statistically, although milder periods 7, 10-12,17-22,and 28.

Coolest nights were 9, 17-19, 23-26, and only 4 air frosts recorded on 9,18,24-25 (only a third of years have this few).

Some good sunny days, mostly 2-7, 10-13, 17-24, 27 and 30-31.

Windy at times especially 1-2, 28-31

Small hail accompanied blustery rainfall on 31st.

10.5 mean max (C) 
2.7 mean min (C) 
6.6 mean (C)  +0.1 diff from av (C)
15.7 high max (C) on 7
5.8 low max (C) on 14 
6.8 high min (C) on 29 
-1.2 low min (C) on 25

55.0 rain total (mm)
101 % of av 
13 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
11 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
17 days ground frost 
4 days air frost 19,18,24-25

63 cloud cover percent
88 mean RH 

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

A mild and dry April, mean temps 1.7degC above normal, giving the 5th highest mean temperature and a mean max 3rd highest in 60 years.

Temperatures were mostly above normal 6-10th, 14-16th, 21-25th. One morning with an air frost on 13th, and 5 with ground frost on 13, 20, 22, 27-28.

Rainfall only 18.7mm. 8th lowest in 60 years, with most falling 2, 3, 11 and 29. Windy at times, especially 1st, 11-12th.

16.2 mean max (C) 
4.6 mean min (C) 
10.4 mean (C)  +1.7 diff from av (C)
22.1 high max (C) on 23
10.2 low max (C) on 1 
9.3 high min (C) on 25 
-0.3 low min (C) on 13

18.7 rain total (mm)
30 % of av 
9 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
6 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
0 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
5 days ground frost 
1 day air frost

50 cloud cover percent
84 mean RH 

May temperatures were slightly below normal, coolest days 1, 20,  warmest days 11-13, 21-30.  Night temperature never fell below 3.2C, the 3rd highest minimum in 60 years, so no air frosts, nor ground frosts (which have been recorded 85% of years some time during May). The warmest temp this month was 20.8C, the 8th lowest on record. So temperatures had neither low or high extremes.
Rainfall was 78.2mm, 135% of normal, the 14th highest on record, most falling 2-5, 29, and 14-18.
Windiest periods 5-6, 10-12 and 19.

15.8 mean max (C) 
7.3 mean min (C) 
11.5 mean (C)  -0.4 diff from av (C)
20.8 high max (C) on 22
9.2 low max (C) on 14 
10.8 high min (C) on 11 
3.2 low min (C) on 1

78.2 rain total (mm)
135 % of av 
16 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
11 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
5  very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No ground frost 
No air frost

70% cloud cover percent
81% mean RH 

Seasonal Spring (Mar, Apr, May)

HiMax  22.1 (13th lowest in 60 years)
MeanMax 14.1 (11th highest), normal 13.0, anomaly +1.1
LoMax 5.8 (15th highest), normal 0.6,
Mean 9.5 (13th highest), normal 8.6, anomaly +0.9
HiMin  10.8, normal 14.6,
MeanMin 4.9 (14th highest), normal 4.3, anomaly +0.6
LoMin -1.2 (3rd highest), normal 11.1

 Total  51.9mm, normal 171.6, anomaly 85%

Raindays 38 normal 43.1, anomaly 88%
Wetdays 28 normal 32.4, anomaly 86%
VeryWetdays 10 normal 11.4, anomaly 88%
Cloud  61% (12th lowest), normal 5.5

The first half of the month was 1.0deg below normal, but ithe warmer second half made it statistically 0.4deg above normal overall. The hottest day was 30th, when a temp of 31.0C was recorded, building upon the 25.4C on 29th the third highest in 60 years records here (beaten only by 1976 and 2005).The mean max temp was 20.8C, the 11th highest on record.The lowest minimum temp was 4.0C on 10th, so no ground or air frosts.

 Rainfall was 72.7mm (119% of normal), with 50.5mm of this falling on 12th 13th. The aggregated rainfall Jan-Jun is 348mm, around normal.

 Lots of bright sunny days, the exceptions being 12-14th and 26th. The windiest days were 1st-2nd, 6th, and 21st-22nd.

20.8 mean max (C) 
9.6 mean min (C) 
15.2 mean (C)  +0.4 diff from av (C)
31.0 high max (C) on 30
14.2 low max (C) on 1 
14.5 high min (C) on 30 
4.0 low min (C) on 10

72.7 rain total (mm)
120 % of av 
9 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
5 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
3 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No ground frost 
No air frost

50% cloud cover percent
76 mean RH 


July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

Mean temperature was 0.5 degrees below normal, with temperatures generally falling during the month. The 1st enjoyed the second hottest July day on record here, although the 31st had the ninth lowest coolest night . The month remained fog and frost free.
Rainfall was very slightly above normal, and was well spread across the month, with 20 raindays, the fifth greatest.
Thunder occurred late on 3rd, and into the early hours of 4th, and was most intense 0100-0115 with heavy rainfall. Again on 5th from 1630-1700 with 5mm hailstones.
Windy at times, especially 7th and 8th.
Very good growing weather for fruit and vegetables!

21.2 mean max (C) 
11.5 mean min (C) 
16.4 mean (C)  -0.5 diff from av (C)
34.4 high max (C) on 1
13.1 low max (C) on 24 
17.3 high min (C) on 1 
4.6 low min (C) on 31

64.1rain total (mm)
109 % of av 
20 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
16 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No ground frost 
No air frost

54% cloud cover percent
82 mean RH

A bright and dry start to the month, broken by torrential rain from midnight to noon on 14th, with 27mm falling. Changeable, wetter and duller second half to the month, finishing with heavy rainfall overnight on 31st.
Temperatures around normal, cooler nights 16th-18th. Warm 7th 12th, and 22nd.  Dull 13th and 30th-31st.
Windy 2nd-5th, 10th, 21st, 26th.
Thunderstorm 22nd from 1720.

21.3 mean max (C) 
11.8 mean min (C) 
16.6 mean (C)  +0.1 diff from av (C)
30.1 high max (C) on 1
14.0 low max (C) on 24 
16.4 high min (C) on 1 
5.2 low min (C) on 31

88.5 rain total (mm)
133 % of av 
12 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
10 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No ground frost 
No air frost
69% cloud cover percent
88 mean RH 



Seasonal Spring (Jun, Jul, Aug))

HiMax 34.4 
MeanMax 21.1 (anomaly+0.6C)
LoMax 13.1

HighMin 17.3
MeanMin 11.0 (anomaly +0.2C)

225.3mm , normal195.2

Mean temperatures 0.7deg below normal, largely due to the mean min temp ranking 9th lowest in the last 60 years. Rainfall at the start, middle and around 22nd of the month totalled 46mm, just 73% of normal. Heaviest daily rainfall was 11.5mm on 21st, 10.5mm on 1st, 8.9mm on 11th and 6.6mm on 14th. Good dry settled spells though, many sunny days, so a pleasant September overall.

18.0 mean max (C) 
8.3 mean min (C) 
13.2 mean (C)  -0.7 diff from av (C)
22.1 high max (C) on 10
13.5 low max (C) on 14 
12.6 high min (C) on 12 
3.8 low min (C) on 26

46.3 rain total (mm)
73 % of av 
11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
7 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No ground frost 
No air frost

55% cloud cover percent
94 mean RH 


October 2015

November 2015

December 2015

A milder and drier month than usual.

Temperatures fell to 2.6C on 12th and 2.7C on 25th giving ground frosts on 2 days only, 11th fewest in 60 years of records here, although never low enough this month for any air frost.

Rainfall was 45mm, 55% of normal, the 10th lowest on record here. This resulted in just 11 raindays (10th fewest), 5 wetdays (6th fewest) and 4 very wetdays, All the rain fell around the 6th and between 20th - 29th, with no rain recorded between 8th -19th.

Cumulative rainfall for 10 months Jan-Oct of 592mm is on the low side, about one third the way up the rank order for the last 60 years.

Plenty of days with some good sunshine, notably 1st-2nd, 4th, 8th-15th, 17th, 20th, 22nd, 25th-26th. Dullest days were 18th-19th, 29th although 3rd, 7th, 10th, 16th, 23rd were gloomy too.

Windiest days were 29th-30th, less so 5th-7th and 21st-24th.

14.8 mean max (C) 
7.1 mean min (C) 
11.0 mean (C)  +0.6 diff from av (C)
19.3 high max (C) on 2
11.6 low max (C) on 23 
13.4 high min (C) on
2.6 low min (C) on 12

45.1 rain total (mm)
55 % of av 
11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
6 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
2 days with ground frost 
No days with air frost

57% cloud cover percent
94% mean RH 

A  mild month, mean temperature 2.2deg above normal, with a brief return to normal 20th-24th, making this the 3rd mildest November in 60 years here. HiMax 17.0C on 1st was 2nd highest on record, exceeded only in 2007.
Only 3 air frosts and 5 ground frosts were recorded. Many days had cloud cover, the sunniest days being 1st, 12-13th, 20-21st.

Rainfall was 118% of normal, and was distributed across 27 raindays, 22 wet days, which was a record, so just 3 days seeing no rain at all.  A brief light dusting of snow was seen late on 20th, but soon melted overnight. 

Fog was seen 1st-4th.
Greatest wind run was recorded on 15th, 29th, 18th, 12th, 17th.
Gusts of over 40mph were recorded on several days, with 60mph gusts on 17th
11.7 mean max (C) 
6.4 mean min (C) 
9.0 mean (C)  +2.2 diff from av (C)
17.0 high max (C) on 1
3.6 low max (C) on 21 
11.9 high min (C) on 11 
-1.8 low min (C) on 23

86.7 rain total (mm)
118 % of av 
27 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
22 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
Ground frost  21st-24th and 28th
Air frost 22nd-24th 
78% cloud cover percent
93% mean RH  



this year normal  anomaly

HiMax 22.1 28.4 MeanMax 14.8 13.8 +1.0
                             (6th highest in 60 yr)

LoMax 3.6 -2.0
MEAN 11.1 10.2 +0.9
(7th highest )

HighMin 13.4 17.1

MeanMin 7.3 6.6 +0.7 (11th = highest)

LoMin -1.8 -8.1

RAINFALL 178.1    210.7 84.5% (22nd lowest)

Raindays 49 45.7 (20th highest)

Wet Days 35 33.6 (26th highest)

V Wet Days 13 13.9 (30th highest)

Oktas 5.1 5.5

A mild autumn, the 7th highest mean temperature in 60 years here.
Mean max was 1.0deg above normal. and mean min 0.7deg above normal.

Rainfall was lower than normal, considerably less than in the three preceeding years, totalling 210mm, 84% of normal for the season.

Rainfall for the 11 months to November is 678mm, so expectation is that the annual total for 2015 will be close to the 60 year median of 763mm.
This follows three years of record-breaking high levels of annual rainfall.